lundi 29 janvier 2018

Hassan Nasrallah: Trump uses ISIS to legitimize US Occupation of the Middle East

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, on January 20, 2018




[...] As for regional issues, I'll be brief. What happened during the last days proves conclusively what we and others have said during the early events in the region (in 2011) about American objectives. Well, yesterday, the US Secretary of State, [Rex] Tillerson, announced - it is not a Tweet from Trump: Tillerson spoke after a well-planned meeting with his entourage, an assessment of the situation, etc., this is not a mere Tweet; Trump himself may indeed publish (inconsiderate) Tweets -, (Tillerson) announced that US forces would remain in Iraq, and that US forces would remain in Syria (indefinitely). 
Well, why do you want to stay in Iraq and Syria? In fact, when you created the international coalition, and came to Iraq and Syria at the time, you said that you did not intend to stay - see the hypocrisy of the United States -, you said that you did not intend to stay, that you were only coming to push back ISIS. And the people who have contributed the least to push back and defeat ISIS are you, the Americans. Well, now, what does (Tillerson) say? He said that the US forces and bases will remain in Iraq and Syria to prevent the return of ISIS. Magnificent.

I want to remind what we said a few years ago - you can check the archives. When we said - not just us, many have said it in the region - that the USA have created ISIS to have a pretext and an excuse to return their armed forces in the region, and especially in Iraq, after the people, the government and the heroic resistance of Iraq kicked them out, and after Iraqis refused that the Americans keep military bases and their soldiers and officers receive diplomatic immunity, (so) Obama decided to retreat. 
Well, how do the Americans want the return to Iraq? They need an excuse to return to Iraq. They created ISIS to return to Iraq. And today, on the pretext of ISIS, they want to stay (indefinitely) in Iraq. Similarly, under the pretext of ISIS, they came to Syria, and on the pretext of ISIS, they want to stay (indefinitely) in Syria. As the whole world knows, as Trump himself acknowledged, it's the United States that created ISIS. 
Today I can say to the Americans, so that they do not mislead the public: you want ISIS not to come back? It is sufficient for you to not bring it back, and ISIS will not return. Do not ask your Gulf allies in the region to give ISIS money and weapons, and ISIS will not return. Do not ask countries around the world to provide all kinds of help to the takfiris to join ISIS, and ISIS will not return. Preventing ISIS to return to Iraq and Syria does not require US bases or US forces. Iraqis can take care of preventing ISIS to resurface. And the Syrians will take care to prevent ISIS to resurface. And the claims of the US Secretary of State are only lies, hypocrisy, deceit and deception against the peoples of the region, he fabricates spurious pretexts from thin air in order to maintain US forces and bases in the region, which is the real goal. Today, it is clear and obvious.
Of course, in Syria, the Syrian government announced its position, and it is clear that US forces did not coordinate with the Syrians. But in Iraq, it is unclear if the US government has an agreement with the Iraqi government to keep these bases. We have no information about it. Or is it that the Americans merely inform Irak and Iraqis that they will stay in their territory, without their consent or agreement, whether they like it or not? I consider it as one of the great challenges facing the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people and the Iraqi leaders and political forces :the United States want to impose again, on their conditions, their bases to the Iraqis under the pretext of ISIS. [...]

dimanche 21 janvier 2018

Hassan Nasrallah denouces Steven Spielberg's support for Israel

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on January 19, 2018, on the occasion of the commemoration of the death of Fayez Moghniyeh, father of martyrs Jihad, Fouad and Imad Moghniyeh



[...] The third point concerns the normalization (of relations) with the Israeli enemy. This is a point of dispute and debates in Lebanon, which were held (again) recently. I call that, in a particular place - such as the government, the Assembly -, calmly, with all departments, all people, all parliamentary groups concerned, is held a discussion that will lead to a position on what is to be considered as a sign of normalization with the Israeli enemy. The (rejection) of the principle of normalization (with Israel) is an official Lebanese position. Lebanon is determined not to normalize relations with the Israeli enemy, as long as there is no "just and comprehensive peace" as they call it. Well, where is the "just and comprehensive peace"? Lebanon must implement its commitment not to normalize relations with the Israeli enemy. 

This issue must be addressed and resolved, so that there are no problems in the country. In the sense that tomorrow, on the pretext that this or that falls under the category of art, tourism or whatsoever... We will not go into religious or intellectual debates in this political question. For example, a Lebanese director [Ziad Doueiri] will go to Occupied Palestine, to the Israeli embassy, apply for a visa, goes back and forth, finally makes it (after obtaining the visa) and shoots a movie there, and it would not be normalization? If this is not normalization, you must explain me what normalization is.

O my brother, I'm Lebanese and I ask you to explain what normalization of relations with the Israeli enemy means. What is it ? That is why this issue is very sensitive, especially now, at this stage. After the latest developments in the Palestinian cause, there are many people in Lebanon - let nobody underestimate them, and we are part of them - who will never tolerate (perhaps on some other things we could be understanding and tolerate) normalization measures which occur under the eyes of the State, and sometimes with the agreement of officials in the Lebanese State. 

Well, let us translate it, explain it. No one is opposed to art, nobody asks to close cinemas or not to go to cinemas, never. Nobody has even raised the matter. But that in the name of art, cinema or tourism, you normalize relations with Israel, it is opposed to the Lebanese State's commitments. Let no one say tomorrow "the Sayyed, as usual, takes decisions of war and peace by himself." O my brother, this is a decision of the Lebanese State. It is a decision of the Lebanese government. Therefore stand fast and hold on to your decisions, your strategy, your positions. Be true to your word. That's the position of principle.

Second, as to the implementation (of the decision). In Lebanon, in intra-Lebanese discussions, some of our Lebanese brothers always tell us that "Lebanon stands by the decisions of the Arab League." And they create all sorts of problems, claiming that they are Arabs and we are not Arabs, and that they stand by the decisions of the Arab League. Well, among the decisions of the Arab League that are not applied by some Arab countries, there is the non-normalization of relations with Israel. Among the decisions of the Arab League, there is the formation of an office called the Arab Boycott Bureau, a committee made up of delegates from countries - Lebanon used to be part of it, I don't know if that's still the case - who meet and discuss. It's not about normalization. We must not confuse the two things. Sometimes they agree among themselves, sometimes they diverge. What do they decide? For example, such company, which is not an Israeli company but a Dutch company, Japanese, Chinese, whatever you want, American, etc., but which helps Israel, which supports Israel. Within the Arab boycott office, they study closely the information about that company and write it (eventually) on the blacklist that they distribute to Arab countries.

In general, which countries stand most (by this boycott)? Lebanon and Syria. And we encourage other Arab countries to comply. Imagine, for example, an Arab Committee composed of 14 countries, which makes the decision to boycott (such company), and there are only 3 or 4 countries that actually boycott it. Such is (the level of) the Arab commitment. But it exists. There is an Arab Boycott Committee.

Well, the Arab Boycott Committee placed on the blacklist... Now, if the information that I will give proves to be incorrect, I apologize to the officials, but if it is true, I ask them to take responsibility. The Committee designated an American film director - it has nothing to do with religion, he is Jewish but it's not a problem -, an American director named Steven... whatever. Wait, let me look for his name (in my papers). His name is Steven... Sbel... Berg...[Spielberg] whatever, whatever. Anyway, he made a film called The Post. Certainly, this film is not a normalization of relations with Israel. We do not claim that. Because he speaks of Vietnam for example. I did not see it, but that's what I read. But the problem is not the film itself. The problem is the director.

This director is on the (boycott) black list. There is a decision of the Arab Boycott Committee, to which the delegate of Lebanon participated, to boycott the director and his films. Why? Not for the sake of Palestine. For the sake of Lebanon, O people. This director, during the 2006 war, announced his support for the Israeli aggression against Lebanon. He publicly supported it. And I hope my point, through the media, will reach His Excellency the President of the Republic, the President of the Assembly, the President of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and that they will hear me. 

This man has announced his support for the Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006, which caused more than 2,000 martyrs and thousands of wounded, tens of thousands of homes destroyed, 33 days of the most atrocious Israeli war against Lebanon, and this man supported this war. And he paid $1 million of his own money, $1 million of support for Israel of his own money. This means that when you bring a movie to the theaters in Lebanon and the Lebanese see it and pay for it, when this Steven receives his share of this money, the money may end up in the hands of Israel. 

Well, the Arab Boycott Committee which was composed of 14 Arab countries, when it took the decision to boycott this Steven, it was for the sake of Lebanon, O people, because he supported the Israeli war against Lebanon. Because he supported Israel with $1 million of his own money, for the murder of your children, the crushing of your bones, the destruction of your houses. And after that, they should allow Steven, in the name of art, freedom and tourism, to project his film in Lebanese cinemas without any problems?! 

We reject this decision and consider it a mistake. I will not say more than that now, it is a mistake. Maybe your information was not correct, in which case you must correct it. And if my information is wrong, correct me, there is no problem. We do not claim Infallibility. But this is the result of our research made a few days ago. We hope this problem will be fixed. We hope this problem will be fixed, and not only this, but the whole (normalization) issue. We are not opposed to art, nor to cinema, nor to television, nor to internet, nor to tourism, we are absolutely not opposed to any of that. Let no one confuse the issues. Let no one underestimate their importance. And let nobody work us up.

As for Israel, there must be a Lebanese unanimity on the fact that Israel is an enemy. And there must be an official Lebanese decision to boycott Israel and to respect the decisions of the Arab League regarding the boycott of companies (or individuals) that are designated as supporting Israel. Stick to your decisions, that's all. [...]

samedi 20 janvier 2018

Hassan Nasrallah answers Trump on Hezbollah's drug trafficking

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on January 19, 2018, on the occasion of the commemoration of the death of Fayez Moghniyeh, father of martyrs Jihad, Fouad and Imad Moghniyeh



In recent weeks, US accusations were made. They are not new but they are taking a new dimension. The US Department of Justice created a commission of inquiry that will come to Lebanon - I do not know if it is already there, the media have not made it clear - to meet with officials and Lebanese parties and to investigate. About what ? The Hezbollah links with drug trafficking. 

A story was concocted in the US, that Obama would have prevented any investigation on the issue of Hezbollah drug trafficking, but Trump, being more intransigent, formed this Inquiry. The same approach is being carried out by France, and it seems there has been arrests of people linked to drug trafficking, money laundering, etc. 

Anyway, I will not dwell at length on this subject, but I want to remind our unchanging position of principle. I want to tell you and all the spectators, categorically, that these are fabrications and false accusations which are not based on any fact and have no truth. Hezbollah, regarding this issue, has a clear religious, legal and ethic position. For us, the drug trade is illegal, prohibited, and is even among the major sins. And we prohibit drug trafficking even in the society of the enemy. Perhaps someone will say what is wrong with selling drugs to Israeli society to destroy it (from within)? Even the drug trade with Israeli society to destroy it is illicit in our view. The drug trafficking and spread are by principle illicit (whatever the circumstances) even to an enemy society. This has nothing to do with (warfare). Such are our ethics, such is our commitment, which stands absolutely.

And therefore, all (the accusations) have no basis of truth. The real question is: in what framework are these accusations made? I have already said and I repeat: as regards trade, and not just the issue of drugs, I have already reminded more than one occasion, O people, that even the legal trade, we in Hezbollah are not doing. Even legitimate trade. All kind of commercial or lucrative activity, we are completely detached from them. It is not by asceticism or because it would be illegal, I speak of legitimate trade. On the contrary, trade is a recommended action. Trade, from the standpoint of the (Islamic) law and rulings, is a recommended action. But as regards Hezbollah as a party, as a peculiar political and jihadist entity, we took the decision to make no trade.

And this decision is motivated by the sanctions, so that they will not harm the Lebanese traders, otherwise tomorrow all Lebanese trader would be accused of having Hezbollah money or make it fructify. We conduct absolutely no lucrative activity. We do not invest our money (neither by trade, loans, bank interest ...). The money we have at our disposal is only one that is sufficient for us, for our expenses on the various fields where we are, primarily the armed battles we lead. And therefore, we have no money fructifying, we have no business, and we do not have any member or office making benefit from our money.

And also, incidentally, I have said it before and I repeat it today,for now, thanks God, after the victory in Iraq and the almost complete victory in Syria, the return of peace and reconstruction, there are companies and Lebanese traders who go to work in Iraq, Syria and other countries, I want to say to everyone: there is no one, no action project of this type belonging to Hezbollah. Hezbollah has nothing (like it). Hezbollah has nowhere any money invested, and is not involved nor partner in any profit or commercial project.

Of course, we do not ban it. There are traders who are on the line of Hezbollah, who are our brothers, there may be rich, people who have abilities, but they work individually. We do not prohibit the Lebanese people to trade. If someone has money and does business, it is as as an individual, with his own money. These are individual companies. Hezbollah as Hezbollah hasn't designated nor authorized anyone to speak in his name and conduct personal profit projects. For there is no such lucrative action. I say that to confirm this point.

On the issue of drugs, it is clearly an (unlawful) question for us, as I said, but (such accusations) are part of the war against us. It is part of the war being waged against us. And that's a natural thing. When (former US ambassador) Feltman acknowledged that the US Embassy in Lebanon alone spent 5 billion - sorry, 5 million to sully the image of Hezbollah and keep young people away from it. This is part of the (enemy) effort to discredit us.

The Americans have done their best to convince the world that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Some countries went along, others not. And even some countries that have agreed to register us officially on the list of terrorist organizations, behind the scenes, they contact us and work with us and would (almost) be willing to die to preserve their relationship with us. The idea to (identify us as) terrorist organization did not work. It is not logical. 

Hezbollah has proved, especially in recent years,that it is one of the most important forces - not the largest, but one of the most important forces - fighting against terrorism and terrorist groups in the region. How could we describe us as terrorists while we fight the terrorists? Those that the world unanimously designates as terrorists (ISIS)? 

This is why the Americans are trying something else. They want to present Hezbollah as a criminal organization. I hope that the public will pay attention to this. There's designation as a terrorist organization and designation as a criminal organization. What is a criminal organization? An organization that makes drug trafficking, steals cars, made of gangsters, mercenaries and assassins, etc. They try to describe us as a criminal organization.

Very good. If they want to make an inquiry in Lebanon, they are welcome. I invite the Commission of the US Ministry of Justice to come do their investigation in Lebanon. And we hope that the Lebanese who will meet the members of this Commission will tell the truth and be honest. Let no one lie to incite against us. There are (unfortunately) people like that in Lebanon. In Lebanon, it is well known who has a tough stance on drug trafficking, drug traffickers and all of this. It's well known. If someone has something against us, let him come forward. We hope they will tell the truth, even if I know that the Americans are not looking for the truth. They will look for anything to support that accusation and place Hezbollah on the list of criminal organizations.

Anyway, I said enough on this topic and I declare that we reject this accusation.O n this issue, our position is firm and unchanging. We accept no charge. There is nothing dirty inside Hezbollah. Instead, they should first consider their own situation, investigate how the Americans, the CIA, the security agencies (FBI,  etc.) themselves are trafficking drugs and destroying societies by spreading drugs there. So you should rather make a Commission on your own actions, investigate drug trafficking of your own officials and security agencies. [...]

mercredi 17 janvier 2018

Hassan Nasrallah: Trump heads for Armageddon, Israel will be more easily defeated than ISIS

Interview of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah by Al-Mayadeen TV, January 3rd, 2018




[...] Journalist: At the end of the first part of our interview, we concluded on two points. In the first point, you said that the events in Iran will have no consequences and are over, and in the second point we evoked, the most dangerous, is that Trump and Israel are pushing the region towards a big war, and in case this war would be triggered, the Resistance Axis is preparing and has to be prepared. And I ask Your Eminence, are you really worried and concerned that this war happens ? Because I understand from your comments that the war is (a real) possibility, they will perhaps trigger it, and that you (are certain to) be victorious in this war.

Hassan Nasrallah: Listen, regarding the possibility of war, it is real. As for the degree of probability, we cannot rule it out, not even for a moment. Because with such a mentality, such an administration... And whatever they say, it's not just Trump, but the Vice-President, the whole of this administration, their vision... You see how some approached the cause of Al-Quds. He approached it with a religious point of view! These things are related to... 

If you read the statements of the Americans and even the Israelis, you see he wants an Armageddon, he prepares a (real) Armageddon and heads towards it with force. We know their mentality. 

Journalist: They are supported by Christian Zionists. 

Hassan Nasrallah: Anyway, we need to keep our eyes riveted on this possibility, because after they destroyed the negotiation process, what they call the peace process, what are the remaing choices? Where do they want to bring the region (if not to war)? This is why I say it is a real possibility. I do not say more than that. Because to say more than that, we need evidence, and we would worry people. That is true. But it would not be fair for any of us to enjoin people to be reassured, with Trump and Netanyahu, with all these madmen, and to say that the region could not be better, that there is nothing to fear, that peace is guaranteed. Where do we see this? There is absolutely no indication in that direction. That's why we must speak of permanent possibility (of war).

Here, the only possibility is enough, from the point of view of rationality and responsibility, to push us to take action. Namely we must prepare, organize, strengthen our front, our Axis, our men, our situation and our capabilities, because (war) may happen (from one day to the other). If it does not happen, we will have lost nothing. We will be reinforced. And if it happens, we will be ready to face it. 

Journalist: Eminent Sayed, so you get prepared with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine? This is your (Resistance) Axis now? 

Hassan Nasrallah: Basically, yes. Naturally, we also consider included in the Axis, because it is not necessarily only a military axis, all personalities, movements, parties and forces in the Arab and Muslim worlds that support this path. We consider them as part of the (Resistance) Axis. But the main military forces on the front are those we just mentioned. 

But let me add the Yemeni element. The Yemeni element that is currently agressed and attacked. When I announced that in the next war, there will not be tens but hundreds of thousands (of fighters joining us), if you remember, after only a few days, Sayed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, in a live speech, announced that he was ready, and that jihadists Yemeni forces were ready to participate in this war (against Israel). 

I'll even tell you more than that. Through the constant contact between us in one way or another, I received a letter directly after my speech, and before Sayed Abdel-Malik al-Houthi announced this position on TV, informing me that they were ready, in case of war, to send forces by the tens of thousands if we needed it, tens of thousands of fighters, even if the Saudi-American war against them continues. Yemen today, what is known as the Yemeni army and the popular forces who are fighting, are fully at our side in the Resistance Axis and the Resistance Front. And besides, it's one of the reasons for the war against Yemen.

Journalist: That is true. Eminent Sayed, so that it is not said right after this interview (as is often the case) that you exaggerated in your statements, and how (Hezbollah) could be victorious in this war (to come against Israel) while there are powerful States, NATO, the possibility of a world war, and yet you affirm that you will enter (occupied Palestine) beyond Galilee in the next war if it occurs. Can we imagine reasonably that Hezbollah fighters will invade Galilee and beyond?

Hassan Nasrallah: If a great war happens... Now, the question of Galilee is distinct, it is an issue that was mentioned in the past, and we have always made clear that the basic position (announced to) Resistance fighters is "Be prepared for the day when the Resistance leaders might ask you to enter the Galilee or free the Galilee." 

In terms of going beyond Galilee, this is related to the general idea of which we are speaking. If a major war occurs in the region, anything can happen. 

Journalist: Why are you certain of being victorious, Eminent Sayed? Why this certainty? Does it come from God, from the Invisible (world)? Or is there some real field data?

Hassan Nasrallah: As for God, the Invisible and the question of trust in God Almighty and the Exalted, and in His promise, this obviously has a fundamental place. But God Almighty, even when He assured (believers) of His help and His support, He set (material) conditions: "Prepare against (your enemies) all the forces you can." (Qur'an 8:60) And He said, "If you help (the cause of) Allah, He will support you." (Quran, 47:7) The second part (our own efforts on the ground) is fundamental.

Our reading of the Israeli enemy through all the experiences and all the wars is different. This enemy has no strength in himself. And it is possible to defeat him. That's the first point. This was an old debate but we ended it. No one can question the achievements of the Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. One of the greatest achievements of the Resistance on the military, moral, cultural, psychological and political levels, is to have shattered the myth of the invincible Israeli army. (We have shown) that this army can be defeated. 

And I'm going even further. Those who are capable of inflicting a defeat on ISIS and takfiri forces in Syria and Iraq are much more capable of defeating the Israeli army. 

Journalist: ISIS is more difficult (to defeat) than the Israeli army? 

Hassan Nasrallah: Of course, there is no doubt about it. The Israeli army has only one point of strength, its aviation. But air force (alone) does not win the battle. As powerful as it may be, the air force cannot win the battle. 

Journalist: And the air force will weaken in the future (due to possible anti-aircraft capability of Hezbollah) ?

Hassan Nasrallah: It must weaken! The fight against takfiri forces is infinitely more difficult than the fight (against Israel). You see, there is a huge difference between the takfiri fighter and the Israeli officer and soldier. I am not exaggerating the strength (of takfiris), no. But I must be honest. When you take part in a battle in which hundreds of suicide bombers face you... I do not consider them martyrs. Hundreds of suicide bombers on a vehicle containing one or two tons of explosives, and they attack your brigade, your battalion or your positions. They are ready to die, without any limit. Regardless of the reasons that led them there (indoctrination, drugs...).

(Hezbollah and other forces fought) on this very dangerous front in Syria for 7 years, a little bit more than 3 years in Iraq, and we managed to inflict a defeat on ISIS, and I declare that it would have been possible to overcome them faster without the support and protection of ISIS by Americans. This must be reported. The Israeli army, Professor Sami, its soldiers, just to move forward, as we saw them in 2006, and also in the last battle in Gaza at Shuja'iya (2014), we saw how the Israeli elite troops were fighting: to move forward, their soldiers and officers must be preceded by armored vehicles, followed by war ambulances, yes, ambulances, and above them, there must be helicopters and air force. Without all that, they do not make a step forward. Such a soldier is defeated (beforehand), he is a coward who has no will to fight, despite all materials and capacity provided. We have seen this in Lebanon, Gaza, and it is this reality that is present inside occupied Palestine.

Today we are facing an Israeli army which got out of several defeats, and since 2006 they do nothing but equipping themselves, training, make maneuvers, again and again...

Journalist: But you too.

Hassan Nasrallah: We don't deny it. But they have not solved their problem. Because their problem is not with tanks, planes and weapons. Their problem is men. The fundamental equation introduced by the Resistance, and in which the Resistance Axis has the upper hand today, in this battle, it's the human equation. I am one of those who sit at a table and say that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, because the result is 3, I am using (indisputable) field data.

Today, for example, one of the most important strengths, we need people to know, one of our key strengths in the great battle (on preparation) against the Zionists is that currently, there are hundreds of thousands of fighters ready to fight this battle without any limits.

Journalist: Shooting down airplanes?

Hassan Nasrallah: You keep questioning me about (the ability to) shoot down planes. 

Journalist: But this is the equation... 

Hassan Nasrallah: (There are hundreds of thousands) of aspirants to martyrdom (ready to fight Israel). You see, in the past - when we met with various Resistance movements, we talked about the past - one Yemeni youth would join such Palestinian faction, as would a young Tunisian, Algerian, Egyptian. 

Today we no longer speak of (some) young people coming from here or there. We're talking about real forces, military and jihadists formations who fought on different grounds, who took part in the most difficult battles, who are not afraid, who are extremely experienced, who trust in God and in themselves. Today they are present in the Resistance Axis.

Journalist: Very good. Everything you say is very promising. But one might argue, Eminent Sayed, that you affirm pompously that you will defeat Israel, invade it and cross borders, but Israel bombs you in Syria, and you do absolutely nothing in return, you have not retaliated. What is the reason?

Hassan Nasrallah: It is in the interest of preparing for the Great (upcoming) War. 

Journalist: That is to say ?

Hassan Nasrallah: First, at the point where things are, we all care not to be led to an escalation in a particular place, unless one has no choice. In Syria, Israel strikes some things. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, they do not succeed every time. I will not evoke these details. But they have not succeeded nor will they succeed in preventing - Israel knows it, I do not reveal a secret here - the capacity, the means and the preparation of the Resistance in Lebanon to increase. This is something we need to endure until further notice, I'm not saying we will tolerate (these attacks) indefinitely. (We patient) until further notice, in the interest of the general strategic objective (ISIS defeat and preparation for the great war against Israel). And that's what I called the rules of engagement.

Journalist: Very good. You warned me that you will not enter into details, but let me ask a question. The Israeli strikes positions, warehouses or factories of Hezbollah's weapons or missiles did not prevent weapons from reaching Hezbollah? This is what you mean?

Hassan Nasrallah: They have not prevented it and will not prevent it. And they know it very well. I do not tell you a secret here, even if it is perhaps the first time that I say it to the media. But the Israelis themselves know it. 

Journalist: There is also a last front (I would like to mention) with your permission before we address the Syrian issue, Eminent Sayed, and it is the front of southern Syria. Much has been said about it, and Israelis are very worried, namely that Hezbollah and Iran, of course with the help and support of the Syrian army who also fought for 7 years, are preparing for Resistance near the border, from the Golan to the entire length of the southern border. Is it true? Is there any new Resistance against Israel at the Syrian-Palestinian border?

Hassan Nasrallah: You see, it is once again somethingthat it's better not (to) speak about.Ultimately...

Journalist: It's a mute interview (withoutrevelations), Eminent Sayed.

Hassan Nasrallah: This is because you insist on difficult (secret) issues. The enemy is quite right to worry, I tell him he's right to worry. Because in the end, what happened in the Syrian south, it is a major experiment that is now a possibility for Syrian youth and the Syrian army. The army as a national army and Syrian youth. Because you know that in Syria it is not only the army that fights. Those that Syrian media refer to as the Allied forces, they are Syrian Popular formations composed of young people from villages, cities and regions, each in his area, Aleppo youth in Aleppo, those of Deraa in Deraa, those of Hama in Hama, those of Homs in Homs, etc., those of Suweida in Suweida, etc., they fought in their provinces. These young people have gained a great and valuable experience, especially on the southern front. Because the nature of the fighting on the southern front was sometimes classic warfare, sometimes guerrilla warfare, on both sides. Concretely, this has created a human structure, at the level of thinking, experience, preparation, which can be assembled in 24 hours. It is not necessary that an effective (permanent) formation exists.

Our very presence in the Syrian south, for reasons related to the nature of the ongoing battle in Syria, wherever we find ourselves, it is natural that Israel be worried, because there is a visceral opposition between us and the Israelis. This is why the Israelis are worried about anything that can happen in southern Syria, and they work, they push, they try to take advantage of US pressure, they try to talk with Russia, they try to threaten, frighten, they yell, so that there is no Resistance and no resistant in the Syrian south. But so far they have not succeeded.

So it happened, there is a presenceof the Resistance, from what I understand from your words, there are resistant cells ready for any coming war against Israel.

Hassan Nasrallah: The Resistance is present in the south of Syria, and anyway, it's a normal thing on the defensive side, and Syria has the right to have this Resistance present at her service, if it is attacked, and it also has the right, at any time, to make the decision to resort to popular Resistance to liberate the Golan (from the Israeli occupation). And if you remember well, in the last years before the events in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad had referred clearly and explicitly to it, stating that they may eventually opt for this choice. And it is a logical and natural choice, that is greatly feared Israel. Israel is very afraid of that. 

Hassan Nasrallah: The Popular Resistance mentioned by President Bashar al-Assad was Syrian.

 Journalist: Yes.

Hassan Nasrallah: But now,  from what I understand from Your Eminence, there is both a Syrian and non-Syrian Popular Resistance on the southern front.

Journalist: Yes. [...]

Hassan Nasrallah: Trump is heading towards Armageddon from Sayed Hasan on Vimeo.

Hassan Nasrallah: Israel will be more easily defeated than ISIS from Sayed Hasan on Vimeo.

dimanche 14 janvier 2018

Hassan Nasrallah Calls for an Online Intifada to defend Al-Quds (Jerusalem)

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on December 7, 2017, following Donald Trump's decision to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel 


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[...] Regarding our position (against Trump's decision about Al-Quds / Jerusalem), I wish to express some (recommended actions) that I will categorize into two parts. 

The first part concerns the protest against this decision. (On the one hand), any form of protest, condemnation, denunciation, objection, rejection, refusal expressed against this open American aggression and dangerous move, and, on the other hand, any announcement of solidarity, support, expression of the fact that we stand alongside Palestine, the people of Palestine and the cause of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), that it is important for all of us, that it is our responsibility and concerns all of us, are indispensable actions, it is the lesser degree of faith (of struggle imposed on everyone).

Maybe someone will ask what are words good for, but no, it is necessary and indispensable to speak, it is the lesser degree of faith. Let no one devaluate ​​or shrink (the importance of) positions, statements, speeches and all forms of denunciation and protest which I will discuss in a moment. These actions are essential. Of course, more is needed, but if some (countries and factions) do not do more, this responsibility remains nevertheless imposed on each and everyone of us.

All forms of protest, condemnation, rejection, denunciation and opposition must be heard by the US administration and felt by the usurper entity (Israel) across the entire Arab and Muslim world and even in the whole world.

To give some examples, today, for example, social networks: a person is sitting at home, no one will shoot him as is now happening in the heart of Palestine, nor will it cause him trouble or anything. The least, the most modest action for anyone feeling concerned by this question, for every free and honorable man in the world, not just in the Arab-Muslim world, and during the days and even weeks to come, if every day, all people who are on social networks condemn Trump and what he did, and confirm that Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine and reject the Judaization of Al-Quds, etc., if they express this position, if, for example, hundreds of millions of Tweets are issued, hundreds of millions of positions on social networks, this for days and weeks, this will be reflected upon the American administration and the Zionist entity by transforming joy into bitterness, and they will realize that they are facing a very large public and very strong movement. 

And what would we have we done (for this)? We need not come out in the snow, we need not offer our chests to bullets. (We can do it) very simply, in all simplicity, (with daily posts on social networks), and I say it clearly, it is the lesser degree of faith, is the least of our duties: every man, every woman, every young man and young girl, in the Arab-Muslim world and in the world at large, should simply take a position every day, post their position on social networks. This is one of the opportunities that social networks offer us today. The administration of these networks will fail to remove everything when it finds hundreds of millions, tens of millions of such posts at least. This is something you can do, it is one of the possibilities available to us. Tonight, tomorrow, every hour, it is a possibility that is offered to us. And every young man and young girl, every man and woman must consider that it is an imperative duty that is imposed on them, the least of the duties these days towards Palestine.

All must therefore issue statements and positions throughout the Arab-Muslim world (and beyond): private individuals, personalities, relevant organizations, scholars, thinkers, media, elites, professionals, trade unions, schools, universities, associations, everything we have in terms of cadres, parties, movements, political forces, all our leaders and organizations, be them social, cultural, media and political across the world and the Arab-Muslim world, must issue statements and announce their position. They do not have the right to remain silent.

And no one should behave by saying "If I speak out, it's not going to change anything!" If you're the only one to speak, maybe (it will not change anything). If I am the only one to express myself, maybe (it will not change anything). But if we all speak, if we all condemn, denounce, reject and protest, and if we all confirm the cultural identity of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) then this will have a significant and very important impact. We must therefore publish (massively) statements and positions. 

(We must) organize meetings, gatherings, calls, conferences, rallies to express this position. Demonstrations and sit-ins must be organized. And today the Palestinian people, since yesterday actually, preceded (everyone in the protests). Today, there are confrontations, injured people (in Palestine). I do not know if there are martyrs yet. 

When we protest, when you protest, when so-and-so and so-and-so protest in the Arab world, the Muslim world and also in the (other) world capitals, in the Arab and Muslim communities, Trump will look at the situation in amazement and say to himself "In what a mess, in what hive did I stuff myself? Those who told me that there will be no reaction in the world (deceived me)." Who says that these events, if they occur, and God willing they will occur in many places, carry no message? They convey a very strong message to this aggression and convey a very strong message of support for the Palestinian people who stands today on the first line of defense of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the holy places of Palestine. [...]

samedi 13 janvier 2018

Kafka 2.0: How Youtube’s Political Censorship is Exercised

Five years of archives of resistance to Zionism and imperialism deleted by Google

Someone must have been telling tales about Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” Thus begins The Trial, Franz Kafka’s 1925 work, in which Joseph K., ordinary bank employee, is arrested at his home by mysterious agents and notified of legal proceedings against him. He is not informed of the offense or crime of which he would allegedly be guilty – he is only given to understand that he must have broken some unknown law – and is notified of a summons to court a certain day, without knowing the exact time or place. The protagonist is dragged into a completely absurd circle, wavering between inspectors, bailiffs, lawyers and judges, and not knowing at any time for what or against whom he must defend himself. He is finally executed by three distinguished executioners who, with “odious politeness”, plant a butcher’s knife in his heart.

The procedure by which Youtube deletes videos and even the entire content of a channel is comparable to this Gothic novel in more ways than one. As I mentioned in a previous article, my channel Sayed Hasan, which, for more than five years, has subtitled in French and English speeches of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah, as well as Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and Sayed Ali Khamenei (in addition to interviews with Norman Finkelstein, content about revolutionary Latin America, etc.), was given two strikes by Youtube in less than one month because of two Hassan Nasrallah speeches, on the pretext of a “violation of the rules concerning violent or graphic content on Youtube”. The total suppression of the channel did not take long, since it occurred on December 20th, 2017, after a third and last strike announcing the guillotine, still because of a Hassan Nasrallah speech published in... 2014 – there is no prescription on Youtube, nor half measure. Thus, 400 videos, more than 6 million views and soon 10,000 subscribers have vanished, at the time of the greatest growth in their history. Youtube strives to hide its censorship behind a pseudo-legalistic procedure, but in fact, as we will see, all creators are under the constant threat of its political blade that drastically restricts tolerated contents.

The first strike is dated October 24, 2017, and concerns a February 2015 speech titled “Hassan Nasrallah: ISIS is Israel’s ally and aims Mecca and Medina”. Its complete transcript is available here: As we can see, this speech only denounces the terrorist group ISIS, characterizing it as a danger for Islam, Muslims and all humanity, and recalls its collusion with Israel. It contains absolutely nothing legally reprehensible (call to hatred, murder, etc.). Youtube does not in any way indicate where or how such a video would have violated the “rules regarding violent or graphic content”, probably relying on the acumen of the accused – who finds himself de facto convicted. I have found absolutely nothing wrong with it, even by the strictest standards – unless, of course, any negative mention of Israel is unsustainable for the good souls of the IDF, who are tirelessly and relentlessly striving in this work of cyber-denunciation (their soldiers and mercenaries are more enterprising on the Internet than facing real fighters), and find in Google, Facebook and other giants of the Web a particularly complacent ear. We will come back to this point in more detail.

  Sayed Hasan channel in mid-December 2017

In good faith, I immediately appealed this decision – shockingly, Youtube does not grant more than 200 characters for this “procedure” (spaces included), but true, it is difficult to be loquacious in the face of an unknown crime – and to date, I have received no response. It is a sort of witchcraft trial, where, in violation of the most elementary principles of law, it is up to the accused to prove his innocence in the face of an unspecified violation, and where the mere fact of being suspected by (or denounced to) the all-powerful “Google” Inquisition entails an automatic conviction, without at any time the grievances being clearly stated, the defense, even muzzled, being heard, a semblance of reasoned judgment being rendered or the pseudo-appeal procedure being taken into account, even formally. “We don’t answer questions like that,” opposes a police officer to Joseph K.’s requests regarding the reason for his indictment. “But in general we don’t proceed with trials we’re not certain to win.”

The second strike came on December 14, and concerns a December 11, 2017 speech entitled “Hassan Nasrallah: We are about to liberate Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and all of Palestine,” which only stayed online half an hour before its suppression. Its transcript is available here: Again, beyond the title of the offense regarding “violent or graphic content”, Youtube has not provided any details to justify its decision. It is true that in this extract, Hassan Nasrallah supports the dismantling of the racist, terrorist and colonialist state of Israel, world champion of human rights abuse and international law violations, and invites Palestinians and all the Resistance Axis to take up arms in defense of Palestine and the holy places of Islam and Christianity (he is joined by the Neturei Karta, an orthodox Jewish group that publicly burns Israeli flags in the heart of Jerusalem, as can be seen on its YouTube channel). And it turns out that the rallying slogan “Death to Israel” is spoken by Hassan Nasrallah and echoed by thousands of protesters participating in an opposition rally to Donald Trump and his decision to recognize Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel. But beyond the fact that armed resistance to an occupier is perfectly legal according to international law (United Nations Resolution 37/43 of December 3, 1982 reaffirming “the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle”), the right to information must prevail, because without this, no political speech in a warlike context could be published on Youtube. However, Google does not consider in any way problematic statements much more “violent or graphic” like Donald Trump threatening to “completely destroy” North Korea, the Israeli bragging about bombing Iran and toppling its regime, assassinating Hassan Nasrallah or even General de Gaulle’s June 1940 appeals, or Aimé Césaire’s speeches, which should be banned on Youtube according to a purely literal application of the regulation concerning violent content or call for violence (in these cases, calls to resist against Nazism or colonialism). But obviously, with Kafka, Youtube seems to have also integrated Orwell: “All [contents] are equal but some are more equal than others.” Only videos hostile to imperialism and Zionism are subject to censorship and banishment.

With two strikes in less than a month, the life of my Youtube channel was hanging by a thread: it is true that after 3 months, a warning is removed, but three successive warnings on an account lead to outright removal of the channel and all its content, not just the videos concerned. And it was clear to me that these two unjustified and unprecedented warnings would soon be followed by a third and a complete suppression of my channel. To make a judicial analogy, it is as if a conviction for defamation (which, in any body of law, cannot be held from 3 months to 1 year after the offense, but Google seems to have opted for imprescriptibility) resulted in the removal not only of the passage incriminated (for example, in Emile Zola’s “J’Accuse”, the two incriminated words “by order”, Zola obviously not having the means to prove materially that the second War Wouncil had been forced to acquit Esterhazy by the military hierarchy), but of all the work of the journalist, author – or producer of Youtube content. Without conviction, I conducted the Orwello-Kafkaesque 200-character appeal, protested to Google by email and published an article denouncing this censorship and the announced deletion of my channel. This time, I received a response from Youtube in 12 hours, which showed me, if any doubt still remained, that these procedures are nothing more than a masquerade meant to conceal the totally arbitrariness, or rather political orientation of Google’s censorship: indeed, the answer was in three lines in which Youtube thanked me for having made this appeal procedure, informed me that after a closer examination of the content of my video, they determined that it did not respect the Community rules, and addressed me cordial greetings. Can we conceive of a judgment, let alone an appeal procedure, which is devoid of any argumentation? Google has completely automated the pseudo-legalistic process of deleting content, which is done for the unfortunate victim without any human interlocutor and therefore without any possibility of defense.

As expected, the third warning, which was but a mere formality, came soon: it occurred on December 20, 2017 and concerns a 2009 speech published in 2014 (re-sic) entitled “Hassan Nasrallah: the next war will change the face of the region.” In this excerpt, Hassan Nasrallah considers the hypothesis of an Israeli aggression against Lebanon, and asserts that this threat can be turned into an opportunity if the enemy army is crushed on Lebanese soil, after which even Palestine and Al-Quds (Jerusalem) could be liberated, as was southern Lebanon in 2000. This video does not even include the slogan “Death to Israel”. The formulation of the very hypothesis of the liberation of Palestine after an Israeli aggression (many empires collapsed because of their external military expeditions, as recalled by Hassan Nasrallah) would therefore constitute a taboo. Once again, one would be right to wonder why Netanyahu can for his part freely threaten Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iran with invasion/destruction, without Youtube considering they should remove these videos. One understands that when Youtube wants to delete a channel, it will use the meanest pretexts and fatally plant its “butcher’s knife” in the heart of its victim.

It is necessary to specify, to the credit of Youtube, that an appeal procedure also exists against the suppression of a channel, and this time, not 200 but 1000 characters are allowed, about 120 words. It may seem light for a job of several years (maybe the work of a lifetime), completely destroyed in a few clicks by Google, but legalistic to the end, I followed this pseudo-procedure the same day. The response was quick – to the credit of Youtube, let us quote again this particularly expeditious and recurrent judicial time: 12 hours, against several years for the traditional justice system. It seems obvious that the appeal procedures are systematically rejected by a mail-type sent automatically after 12 hours. This answer is worth quoting in its entirety, its brevity lending itself willingly:

Thanks for appealing the suspension of your account. We decided to maintain the suspension, in accordance with the Community Guidelines and our Terms of use. For more information, see
Youtube Team

This is the epilogue – and the only epitaph – of a Youtube channel that dared publish anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist content. Denouncing the muzzling of the Internet is now a cliché, but it is always good to illustrate it with concrete examples, this process being known only to its victims.

There is no doubt that all videos broadcasting the point of view of the Resistance Axis (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq) are being stalked by IDF cyber-soldiers. The fact that this video was flagged and deleted as soon as it was published would even suggest that a soldier or paid – not just zealous – agent of “the most moral army in the world” was on the alert, especially in this hot context following Donald Trump’s recognition of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israel. Social networks, following the dominant media, tend to integrate and anticipate government directives through a process of self-censorship well described by Noam Chomsky, so it is quite possible that employees of Youtube themselves take care of this task, especially at the time of the official hunt against the so-called “fake news” – which is only an attempt to preserve the monopoly of mainstream patented liars in the service of power and major economic interests, put in mortal danger by the freedom of the Internet. The voice of Hassan Nasrallah in particular is targeted by this censorship, because he is the only Arab leader who inflicted two – humiliating – defeats to Israel (2000 and 2006), and whose fighters played a leading role in the defeat of ISIS: if irreducible agents still dispute the quality of terrorists of the “Jewish jihadists” of Israel, nobody dares to do it anymore for the “Wahhabi jihadists” of ISIS. More than ever, the voice of the Secretary General of Hezbollah is able to find an echo in the Arab-Muslim world and beyond, and cannot be tolerated. After the multi-removal of channels such as Pure Stream Media or Anti-Zionist Party, the main channel translating Hassan Nasrallah’s speeches into French and English was unlikely to escape censorship for long.

Google claims to stick to political neutrality, respect for freedom of speech, the right to information and transparency. But its Transparency Report published every year is singularly lacking in transparency: it evokes (very succinctly), as regards the deletions of content, only those concerning 1 / Copyright, 2 / The European law upholding the right to be forgotten and 3 / Formal requests for deletion by States – the United States and Israel are in a good position. But what about other deletions, especially due to “individual” flagging or Google initiatives, which certainly represent the majority of these deletions? “Individual” flagging apparently only, as many emanate from governmental agencies or from State propaganda. The IDF cyber-soldiers or “Hasbara trolls” have already been reported for their active and paid propaganda at the highest levels on Wikipedia, Facebook, and other social networks. The Netanyahu government just gave 37 million dollars to such an agency, Kella Shlomo. The New York Times itself has revealed that “Israeli security agencies monitor Facebook and send the company posts they consider [hatred/violence] incitement. Facebook has responded by removing most of them.” Glenn Greenwald, who published the Snowden case, just revealed that Facebook is coordinating with the Israeli and American governments the suppression of anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist voices, as recently shown by the removal of Ramzan Kadyrov’s Facebook account. It goes without saying that Israel’s propagandists are also particularly active on YouTube, the world’s leading online video-sharing platform (and the main source of content whose suppression is requested by States according to the Transparency Report), conferring a kind of near-monopoly on Google, who, in its hybris, allows itself to flout the right in its decisions to delete content.

Such decisions do not spare anyone on Youtube, and the biggest names of this platform have complained about the utmost contempt with which it treats its creators. This is the case of PewDiePie, the number 1 of Youtube, whose channel of Gaming / Vlogs itself (nearly 60 million subscribers and 17 billion views) has recently suffered the (pro)-Zionist wrath which clearly spares nobody. The Wall Street Journal himself took care of this odious witch hunt, engaging in slanderous accusations against PewDiePie to Youtube and his own sponsors, Disney in particular, presenting him as an anti-Semite and admirer of Hitler (sic). The WSJ failed to have his channel closed, but Disney broke their contract with PewDiePie, and YouTube excluded him from their paid programs, causing him to lose considerable sums (he does not even appear in Youtube Rewind 2017). PewDiePie had already denounced the arbitrary demonetizations of videos, including all those containing any kind of political content. This censorship policy was formalized in June 2017, with Youtube announcing that “Video content that features or focuses on sensitive topics or events including, but not limited to, war, political conflicts, terrorism or extremism, death and tragedies, sexual abuse, even if graphic imagery is not shown” are not suitable for ads, and therefore demonetized. This is how YouTube keeps its creators at bay, forbidding them to merely speak about “Controversial issues and sensitive events” by this more discreet form of censorship, namely demonetization, and confining them exclusively to simple “entertainment”, in the most restrictive sense of the word. Youtube obviously dares not remove all videos or channels that do not comply for fear of the harm that it would cause them, given the notoriety of some creators, and is content with a pecuniary sanction just as crippling, but has absolutely no scruples for channels with a modest audience like mine, which are suppressed without qualms. As we can see, freedom of speech stops at the (eternally extensible) borders of Israel and its exacerbated “sensitivity”.

This is obviously a significant loss for the individual who has spent hundreds or even thousands of hours translating and subtitling these videos, and who sees five years of effort erased with a stroke of pen – or rather an ax. The impact that these videos have been able to have for five years is not reduced to nothing, but it is the possibility of seeing it grow which is indeed destroyed, and the public acquired for the next videos reduced from the thousands to the unit. But is this censorship a sign of strength on the other side? Certainly not. The fact that the voluntary work of a private individual in his free time can disturb to this point is only a telling indication of the monumental failure of the billion dollar Zionist propaganda, supported by the mainstream media and by most political forces in the West. But despite all the efforts of Israel and its omnipresent “Thought Police”, its mercenaries and other rabid guard dogs mercilessly sent against any form of criticism of Israel (CRIF or LICRA in France, ADL, AIPAC and others), the Zionist entity remains widely regarded as a criminal state and pariah by the majority of the populations, principal threat for the peace in the world even in Europe, and cannot bear that the speeches of Hassan Nasrallah reach the Western public, considering that they endanger its security and its very existence. Let us remember that Israel is the only state in the world to claim a “right to exist”, aware that its existence is factitious – and temporary. In his last speech at the UN, Netanyahu, striving to demonstrate that Israel has support all around the world, expressed his wish to visit Antarctica, because it was reported to him that “penguins too are enthusiastic supporters of Israel.” There is no need for the defenders of Palestine to flag Zionist videos for censorship, Israeli leaders and their sycophants doing an excellent job of discrediting themselves – and that is certainly why Hezbollah does not engage in targeted operations to avenge his leaders murdered by Israel, relying on their “wisdom” and “charisma” to help destroy the Zionist entity from within.

This incessant and fierce censorship demonstrates, as the Secretary General of Hezbollah has asserted, that the Zionist state is “weaker than a spider’s web”, and that its days are numbered, just like those of the monopoly of the dominant social networks – Youtube, Facebook, and others Twitter, which owe their success to their universalist policy of openness, but dig their own grave with their policy of censorship and submission to governments, imperialism and Zionism. Day after day, the giants of the Web are unveiled more and more like simple agents of the power, whether political or economic, and will be progressively deserted by those who look for authentic and unfiltered information. Freer, parallel platforms are emerging and will continue to emerge, gradually ending their monopoly. Hassan Nasrallah does not even lose anything: while at the beginning of my channel, only specialized or even marginal alternative information sites relayed his speeches (Al-Manar, AlAhed News, ...), today, the whole mainstream press is forced to do so to avoid being on the margins of international news and its main actors (New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Mail, Le MondeLe Figaro,...). Youtube, yesterday precursor, is today an exception.

So there is nothing left of my channel, except an indication that “This account has been closed due to an infringement of the YouTube Community Guidelines.” Youtube sends the user to “similar channels” with no similitude whatsoever like BuzzFeed Video or ... PewDiePie. When Youtube buries you, it’s for good, and you do not even have the right to a tombstone. No trace must remain. All this is of course eminently discouraging. Any “dissident” channel arriving at a certain degree of notoriety is therefore condemned to be deleted. What good is it to start from scratch? One must, however, not give in to censorship, nor give up in the face of adversity. When your enemies wish to neutralize you, this is proof that your efforts are having an impact and that you are on the right track, so it is an invitation to multiply your efforts and not to surrender. We must always strive to defeat the objectives of the opponent: Israel wants Hassan Nasrallah to disappear from Youtube? He must therefore be present there more than ever. To date, the monopoly of the main social networks remains relatively undisputed (after 5 years, the same video had less than 150 views on a parallel platform like Dailymotion and more than 65,000 on Youtube), and censorship itself is a sign of recognition of the importance of this work. Moreover, these are the instructions of Hassan Nasrallah himself, who has enjoined the whole world to a real electronic intifada against the Zionist entity.

This is why I inaugurate my new English channel on Dailymotion with this speech: “Hassan Nasrallah calls to anIntifada on Social Networks in support of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)”, all videos of which will be safely stored in the Unz Review, calling to subscribe massively. I was praying, without much hope, that this call would not be considered as “content that intends to incite violence or encourage dangerous or illegal activities” by Youtube, but they deleted my new channel right away, so let's just forget about them. And of course, from now on, I will publish all my new videos simultaneously on my main blog and my Facebook Page, to which I also invite readers to subscribe. I will no longer make the mistake of not embedding subtitles in videos, which has the advantage of saving time and having multiple languages ​​simultaneously, but makes videos unreadable outside of Youtube. And I invite all readers / viewers to download and repost these videos on Youtube and elsewhere as much as possible, as redundancy is the only effective way to get around censorship, like Hassan Nasrallah pointed out.

The battle of information – and on all other terrains – continues and will continue until the final victory, namely the total liberation of Palestine, that all the censorship of the world cannot prevent or delay.

Sayed Hasan

To thank Google France for this decision:
Telephone: +331 42 68 53 00